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You can spend all the money in the world on security technologies, but it won't make much of a difference if your staff follow security protocols. The daily news provides a continual stream of examples of security or data breaches, and in many cases these breaches have occurred because don't know what best security practices are, or simply aren't following those practices.
An appellate court ruling Monday affirmed the Federal Trade Commission's role in policing the cybersecurity of commercial companies, a role some have argued is an overreach of the regulator's authority. One such claim came from Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, which filed the appeal earlier this year contesting a FTC suit that claimed the hotel chain misrepresented its ability to keep customer data secure. Monday's ruling upheld the FTC's assertion that it had standing to bring a case against Wyndham.
Long days, warm weather, the lure of travel, if only to a nearby park or beach – many employees, naturally, are thinking of escaping the office for time away. For the past year, since the passage of home working legislation in the UK, employees who have been on the job at least 26 weeks have had the right to request flexible working hours. That flexibility could take the form of working at home a day or two every week, or, especially this time of the year, it could simply mean leaving the office early on a Friday afternoon for a quick jaunt to the beach. So far, few employees have taken advantage of the flexible hours, despite last year’s legislation.

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