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Accellion is an industry leader in providing the world’s leading corporations and government agencies with mobile solutions that increase employee productivity while ensuring data security and compliance. 

Recent surveys reveal businesses around the world don’t know if they’re compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), regardless of the fact that the deadline is less than two months away. If this continues, there will be no shortage of GDPR compliance violations and fines. If your organization would like to avoid being on the GDPR naughty list, you must avoid these six pitfalls.
The companies we have chosen for our 2018 list of 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management have proven their stuff. We are impressed and sometimes bowled over by what they offer.
Accellion today announced key enhancements to its mobile application that further enable senior executives to access and share sensitive content securely and in compliance with industry regulations.
Accessing and sharing sensitive documents from a smart phone or tablet must be efficient while meeting security standards to maintain compliance with industry regulations, even when on the road.
Cybersecurity expert, Scott Schober discusses the past, present and future of password security with Izak Bovee, Director of Product Management at Accellion.
Achieving the data visibility to ensure you can provide auditors with the information they need after a breach, and do so in just a few days, has never been more difficult.
The banking industry is walking a narrow line between providing advanced digital solutions, while at the same time building a level personal relationship that doesn't expose an organization to increased cybersecurity threats.
Chief data officers (CDOs), originally hired to oversee data governance, data quality, and regulatory matters, are now finding themselves on the frontlines of the analytics revolution, showing their organizations how data gathered from a rapidly multiplying number of endpoints can boost both growth and revenue.
Accellion and Check Point Software Technologies recently announced a joint partnership to deliver an integrated solution that enables organizations to protect sensitive content as it enters and leaves the enterprise.
Healthcare organizations need to be able to secure patient information. Patient privacy is at risk when PHI is stored in the network, transferred with a patient to another facility, and shared with external doctors, researchers, and insurance providers. If a healthcare organization can provide its staff with the tools to access and share patient information securely and efficiently, it’s possible to protect patient privacy and demonstrate compliance with HIPAA.