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Enabling secure file sharing requires the integration of multiple technology solutions. Accellion technology partners offer complementary solutions that integrate with kiteworks to build a comprehensive solution for security-conscious and highly regulated businesses.

Accellion Technology Partner - Check Point

Check Point

Take the Zero-day Out of Your File Sharing

With Accellion, organizations can be assured that all information coming into and going out of the enterprise is analyzed using powerful ATP inspection techniques to significantly reduce the risk of a malware infection.



Share Google Docs Externally – with Security and Compliance

With Accellion, enterprise G Suite users send, receive, and share confidential files externally with complete compliance and authentication. Accellion lets organizations control all external file exchanges through a single governance platform, no matter what the data source, to mitigate the risk of a data leak or access by unauthenticated users.

Accellion Technology Partner - iManage


Share with External Parties While Keeping iManage DMS Content On-premise

This Accellion iManage plugin allows users to share files externally with complete security and governance without exposing the core iManage DMS to outsiders.
To collaborate externally, a user shares an Accellion clean room folder containing temporary, tethered copies of DMS documents, and auto-returns them to the DMS when collaboration completes. Accellion’s platform directly reads and writes the on-premise iManage DMS, ensuring its integrity, avoiding uncontrolled copies and preventing direct access by external parties.



Securely Share Sensitive OneDrive for Business Files Externally

The Accellion secure content communication platform wraps the strongly encrypted OneDrive for Business cloud storage service with a secure information exchange channel that has the security, compliance and governance your enterprise requires. This combination allows you to meet your internal and regulatory policies, and enables external sharing beyond Microsoft Office documents.

Accellion Technology Partner - Salesforce


Empower Support Engineers to Share Confidential Information Securely Through Salesforce

Enable users to simply and efficiently exchange large, sensitive files with their customers—without leaving their Salesforce workflow. Get the controls and reporting to demonstrate compliance, and the security to protect the organization from breaches, without slowing down the business.



Protect Encryption Keys and Secure Sensitive Information

The Accellion platform integrates with SafeNet Luna Network HSM and the rest of your organization’s existing security infrastructure to assure data privacy and complete visibility for all files going in and out of the organization. This integration allows organizations to have comprehensive data encryption, including SSL/TLS 1.2 and AES-256, and sole encryption key ownership. These capabilities ensure sensitive information stays safe at all levels, from physical data storage to network communications.