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72% of Organizations Rate Own Mobile Security as Poor-to-Adequate

Posted by Accellion Team
Security Camera surveying organizations.

Mobile security continues to be a hot topic of conversation among CIOs and IT directors – as it should be with 97% of employees using mobile devices on the job. That number tells us that the majority of organizations today are supporting BYOD, but yet a shocking number (72%) have yet to take action to properly secure those devices and the mobile content that is being accessed and shared day in and day out.

How do we know this you might be wondering? Well, we teamed up with Information Security Media Group (ISMG) to do a reality check on the true state of mobile security today and to find out where organizations are headed. ISMG’s editorial staff surveyed senior leaders to find out how organizations are addressing some of top mobile security challenges by asking questions such as:

What mobile file sharing platforms are you using? How would you rate their state of mobile security? How do you measure the success of mobile initiatives? Who sets mobile device security policies? What are the penalties for policy violations? What security controls have been deployed? Are users allowed to download third-party apps? How is mobile file sharing controlled and managed?

The recently released study, “Beyond BYOD: 2013 Mobile Security Strategies,” found that while organizations have accommodated the BYOD trend, they’ve done so without serious consideration of the security ramifications. For example, 49% have no restrictions on the use of third-party applications; 38% have no formal measures in place to protect mobile devices from malware; and 63% do not manage or control file sharing.

How does your organization stack up to the results? Check out the full report to find out. Some of the results might surprise you.