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Bringing More Transparency to our Industry

Posted by Yorgen Edholm
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As anyone who follows the EFSS market can tell you, it's an insanely crowded and competitive space to operate within. In order to stay ahead, you need to make sure potential customers understand exactly what benefits they're getting from your solution.

More and more often IT departments need to go past the "operationally desirable" statements from vendors, and quantitatively prove the ROI of potential investments their team is making in hardware or software. After hearing this from our customers, we wanted to step up and provide the type of transparency they're requesting.

That's why we worked with the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) to create an economic value analysis calculator, to provide transparency into the benefits we're providing to customers, as well as break out the costs of our solution compared to pure public cloud vendors. IT teams want to understand real advantages and financial models of solutions, not be offered generalization of potential benefits they could see in the future.

I want our industry to be more like the automotive industry, where consumer or company purchases can be based on a number of comparative factors from third-party agencies like Edmunds or Consumer Reports. Whether buyers are looking for luxury, fuel economy, or industrial strength, they're able to choose the right vehicle to fit their personal or professional requirements, because the ROI is easily understandable. This kind of accountability and transparency is even more crucial in our ever shifting mobile and cloud computing enabled world and should be better implemented across all technology verticals.  

EFSS solutions are a critical part of how all enterprises get work accomplished, as content is shared, created, synced and edited day-in and day-out. Companies should be able to evaluate the true ROI that we an dither vendors are offering, and make an informed decision about what solution is best for the bottom line of their business.

To learn more about the ESG economic value analysis of EFSS, click here (link expired).