CISO Perspectives: Counseling Clients on Cybersecurity

Frank Gillman, CISO, Lewis Brisbois
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Most CISOs are entrusted with building and maintaining a cybersecurity program that protects their organization’s brand. For CISOs in Professional Services, however, their role may be more of an advisory one. It makes sense when you think about it. Clients look to professional service providers like lawyers, accountants, and management consultants to provide expert counsel on complicated matters that hinder an organization’s ability to grow.


I recently sat down with Frank Gillman, CISO for Lewis Brisbois, to learn how his role differs from CISOs at other companies. In this video, Frank explains how he is tasked with providing cybersecurity counsel for clients that ranges from recommending best practices to standardizing incident response processes.

CISO Perspectives is a blog series featuring conversations with chief information security officers from different industries. Each blog features a unique perspective on a variety of topics pertinent to the CISO profession and career. Visit our CISO Perspectives page for more blogs and videos.

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