CISO Perspectives: Referrals, Not Fancy Product Demonstrations, Impress CISOs

CISO Perspectives: Aaron Blackstone, CISO, Texas Department of Public Safety
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“Trust but verify” is a mantra CISOs have traditionally applied to IT security but are now embracing when vetting technologies and technology vendors. Confined by tight budgets and an aversion to shelfware, CISOs need to be extremely confident in their technology investments. Ultimately, referrals, not flashy demos, matter. So for technology vendors looking to sell to CISOs, make sure your current customers love your product before selling it to anyone else.


I recently sat down with Aaron Blackstone, CISO for the Texas Department of Public Safety to explore the challenges he faces and the lessons he’s learned in his role. In this video, Aaron shares some valuable advice for technology vendors looking to secure a government contract with his agency.

CISO Perspectives is a blog series featuring conversations with chief information security officers from different industries. Each blog features a unique perspective on a variety of topics pertinent to the CISO profession and career. Visit our CISO Perspectives page for more blogs and videos.

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