CISO Perspectives: The Best Defense Against Cyber Attacks Is a Simple Defense

Jake Margolis, CISO, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
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Defending organizations against cyber threats is complicated, to say the least. Cyber attacks are either highly sophisticated, circumventing current defense capabilities or are incredibly simple, duping a distracted end user. CISOs must prepare for both but are typically hamstrung by limited resources. If throwing money at the problem isn’t an option and hoping the organization won’t be attacked isn’t a viable strategy, what’s a CISO to do?



I recently sat down with Jake Margolis, CISO for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to explore the challenges he deals with on a daily basis and the lessons he’s learned in his role. In this video, Jake discusses how he employs a pragmatic, “back to basics” approach to handle the cyber threats that jeopardize his organization and an essential component of Southern California’s critical infrastructure.

In this blog series, titled CISO Perspectives, we interview chief information security officers from different industries to learn (and share) their perspectives on a variety of topics pertinent to their jobs and careers. Visit our CISO Perspectives page for more blogs and videos.


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