Claude Schanet, CISO, GovSat Luxembourg

CISOs Achieve a Holistic Cybersecurity Program Once They Address This Risk

The rules have changed. Anti-virus software and strong passwords were previously sufficient for protecting intellectual property but not anymore. A more holistic approach is necessary, meaning organizations must exercise extreme caution in every aspect of the business. This includes closely vetting the people they hire, the technology solutions they purchase and the service providers with whom they partner. While these groups are considered trusted sources, they’re usually the cause of data breaches and cyber attacks. Ultimately, your defensive perimeter may be top notch but it won’t protect you against a careless employee or poorly defended partner with access to your network. As a result, background checks for technology partners are just as important as they are for employees. CISOs must know: are prospective partners legitimate? Are they well-funded? By whom? What is the management team’s background? Where are they based? It’s imperative CISOs ask these and similar questions before providing partners access to an organization’s most prized digital assets.

I recently sat down with Claude Schanet, CISO with GovSat Luxembourg, to learn about the challenges he faces in his role. In this video, Claude discusses how the threat landscape has changed for organizations and how CISOs must adapt.

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