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Cloud Storage Wars: Ready for the Next Episode?

Posted by Accellion Team
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Recently Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Box and Dropbox have all been slashing prices on cloud storage in an attempt to lure customers to their cloud platforms. In the latest round, Box is now offering unlimited (infinite) storage with its Enterprise and Business offerings, essentially driving the price/GB of storage to $0, or at least approaching $0 at infinity. Given this latest offer by Box, what will be the next move by the cloud storage giants to convince individuals and business to park information in their cloud? Additionally, given that cloud storage is essentially being offered for free, how would someone decide between storing information in Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Box or Dropbox? And why should one decide? 

The cloud storage giants are betting on individuals and organizations picking "a" cloud to store their information in, and creating stickiness for services that come with that platform, such as email, a calendar, productivity tools, and collaboration tools.  What's in it for the cloud storage giants? Everything, since as is becoming increasingly obvious once you start using a cloud service, the cloud provider knows a lot about you and this information can be used for targeted marketing.

While for individuals, choosing "a" cloud and storing all your information there, may be a reasonable objective since it can simplify life, for organizations this seems a lot less likely. Currently organizations have information strewn across any number of content silos including SharePoint, Windows File Shares, OpenText, and Documentum to name just a few. Few enterprise organizations have the stomach for embarking on finding all that information and then copying all that information into a single "chosen" cloud.

The reality is that enterprise information isn’t all stored in one place for end users or IT managers. It’s often stored in different systems, which use different access structures, making it difficult for employees to get to all of the information they need, in particular from a mobile device. At Accellion our goal is to streamline that process, providing a single point of access to all content, no matter where it is stored. This makes employees more productive, because they have one view into all content, from any device.

At Accellion we recognize and embrace the idea that enterprise information is and will continue to be stored in a number of locations both inside the firewall and outside the firewall in the cloud.  While cloud storage giants may be creating destination clouds, they really are just one more place to store information, not necessarily "the" place to store information. At Accellion we focused on providing a unified mobile interface into enterprise information, wherever it's stored. With kiteworks by Accellion employees can access this information on a mobile device, edit it, and share it securely under the watchful eye of IT, and that's a good thing.

As we wait for the next episode of cloud storage wars to unfold, at Accellion we continue to focus on maintaining our position as the leader in mobile file sharing and collaboration. Because we know it’s not where you store information, but how readily it's accessed, used and shared by your organization, each and every day, that generates business results.