FedRAMP Compliant File Sharing for Federal Agencies

FedRAMP Authorization for Accellion’s Secure File Sharing Platform

We are delighted to announce the Accellion secure file sharing and governance platform has received FedRAMP authorization.

What is FedRAMP authorization and why does it matter?

For the uninitiated, FedRAMP is a rigorous security assessment and authorization framework developed by cybersecurity and cloud experts from a number of government agencies and private industry. The purpose of FedRAMP authorization is to provide a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. The goal with FedRAMP is to help the Federal Government quickly, rigorously, and consistently assess the security capabilities of cloud solutions that are used or are being considered for use by federal agencies and ultimately increase cloud adoption across the Federal Government.

Because it has received FedRAMP authorization, government agencies have official validation that the Accellion platform is a superior hybrid cloud solution that enables Government employees to securely access, transfer and collaborate on sensitive government documents. Accellion is available to Federal and Central government agencies, State, Local and Provincial government departments, government contractors, and “security-first” private sector businesses in isolated environments on Amazon Cloud.

With FedRAMP authorization, Accellion offers:

  • Separate customer virtual private cloud (VPC) for all processing
  • Dedicated servers
  • Data isolated from all other customers
  • Encrypted file storage and transfer
  • Remote wipe for all mobile clients
  • Reporting and audit trails
  • Continuous monitoring for intrusions and other threats

Our Chairman and CEO, Jonathan Yaron, had the following to say about this major milestone for Accellion: “Earning full FedRAMP authorization reinforces our commitment to agencies at all levels that we take the security of their content extremely seriously. Government agencies can move forward with confidence, knowing that Accellion has the proven capabilities needed to protect the sensitive data they share with colleagues, partners and constituents.”

Accellion already has a long track record of securing sensitive content for Federal Government agencies. Federal Government customers include: National Park Service, Securities and Exchange Commission, National Institute for Standards and Technology, United States Senate, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, Department of Energy, Department of Health and Human Services, NASA, National Transportation Safety Board, USDA, National Science Foundation, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and National Gallery of Art, and many more.

To learn more about Accellion and FedRAMP, please visit our FedRAMP authorization page.

And to learn more how Accellion enables secure and compliant file sharing for Federal and central government agencies, please visit our Government Solutions page.

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