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Field Work is No Picnic without Mobile Technology

Posted by Accellion Team
Mobile device on a picnic table, showing kiteworks solution

Today’s field operations teams face increasing pressure from customers to deliver exceptional services. And if field teams don’t deliver, customers aren't shy about finding another vendor who will. The 2013 Field Service Management Benchmark Survey found that while less than half of organizations (43%) are currently attaining as high as a 90% customer satisfaction rating, most are striving to do better. 

Many organizations are reporting that they are looking to mobile technology to help them improve field operation performance.  Over the next 12 months, more than three-quarters (77%) of field service organizations will have invested in mobile tools to support field technicians and more than 70% will have integrated new technologies into existing field service operations – showing a clear commitment to boosting those satisfaction ratings via mobile.

Here's a typical example of how mobile technology is helping improve field performance.  Paul, a field technician, has detected serious issues with equipment recently installed in the field at a power plant. He cannot begin the reinstall process without the latest version of the equipment manual. If plant operations are halted – whether due to faulty equipment or extended maintenance downtime – business performance suffers and customer satisfaction goes down.

Fortunately Paul is equipped with kiteworks by Accellion, and has real-time mobile access to the necessary data and information in the field to complete the equipment reinstallation rapidly. This means that Paul can keep equipment downtime at a minimum, and deliver superior customer service.

Secure mobile content access enables field operations staff to improve customer service, reduce unexpected downtime and boost productivity.  With kiteworks for Field Operations teams can 

  • Access the complete knowledge base, including reference materials and customer documentation, stored across all enterprise content sources.
  • Take field inspection notes via a mobile device, which in turn can be easily accessed by operations managers and other team members.
  • Collaborate on-demand with expert field office staff and external contractors to more quickly resolve on-site issues and boost overall productivity.

Learn how kiteworks Team Starter increases employee productivity, improves internal and external collaboration and boosts service efficiencies, allowing field operations staff to go well beyond meeting customer expectations.