Guinness World Record for Largest File Transfer?

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We’ve had an ongoing debate at Accellion regarding the world’s largest file transfer to date and how it compares to the largest file that can be transferred using the Accellion platform.

Yesterday’s Wall St. Journal article entitled “Fastest Growing PR Stunt: Get Into Guinness Records” settles the discussion – we’re going for the record. Of course, setting this record for large file transfer could take a while, since there is in fact no hard limit of the size of file that can be sent via Accellion.

Large File Transfer with Accellion

We know anecdotally, and from usage reports, that our customers successfully send files as large as 100GB, even 200GB. But just how big a file can you send via Accellion?

I have a feeling this question might fall into the category of “How long is a piece of string?” It all depends. On the one hand, there is no hard limit on the size of the file you can transfer via Accellion, but on the other hand you have to consider little details such as available network bandwidth. These little details might enable one organization to perform a large file transfer that another organization can’t.

I checked out the Guinness World Records website for instructions on how to apply for a new record. Visiting the site, it was easy to get distracted by the picture of the Most Straws in the Mouth (400 for 10 seconds).

If I can get your attention back from the picture of “Most Straws in a Mouth,” let us know if you have access to an unlimited bandwidth network and a REALLY BIG file you need to send, there could be a record in the making.


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