Aaron Blackstone, CISO for Texas Department of Public Safety

If Good Help is So Hard to Find, CISOs Find This Next Part Even Harder

Cyber attacks, data breaches and compliance violations are just some of the challenges keeping CISOs up at night. While daunting, these threats are manageable, if you have the budget to address them. Cybersecurity budgets, however, are a precious commodity and if these threats are addressed first, there’s little room for other priorities, like personnel. If CISOs fail to close a critical skills gap or fill open reqs on their teams, they expose their organizations to serious risk. Conversely, if they staff, train, and maintain a strong security team, they significantly mitigate risk. Finding and recruiting qualified cybersecurity professionals though is tough. It’s even tougher to retain the talent you’ve hired and trained. If you’re a CISO in the public sector, competing with higher paying private sector jobs may be the toughest part of all. The most valuable tools in a CISO’s shed therefore may be a recruiter and a professional development coach.

I recently sat down with Aaron Blackstone, CISO for the Texas Department of Public Safety to explore the challenges he deals with on a daily basis and the lessons he’s learned in his role. In this video, Aaron discusses a persistent challenge many CISOs face and few solve.

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