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Legal Teams Working Faster and Smarter: Mobile Technology Boosts Attorney Productivity

Posted by Accellion Team
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Most legal organizations are saying "yes" to mobile as a vehicle to help legal teams work faster and smarter. Corporate Counsel’s “2013 In-house Tech Survey” revealed that 76% of firms allow legal staff to bring their own devices to work.

The survey also revealed that 60% of legal departments report that mobile devices are being used in lieu of laptops when legal professionals are traveling away from the office. Sounds like a recipe for improved productivity on the road, but Corporate Counsel’s survey went on to reveal that these devices aren’t necessarily well integrated into the corporate IT and security environment or legal workflow:

  • Most mobile users only use mobile devices for messaging or document viewing, with more sophisticated uses going untapped.
  • 23% of legal departments have no formal security policy for mobile devices.

This is a little concerning since law firms are not only missing opportunities to boost the performance of legal staff, but are also potentially jeopardizing the confidentiality of client documents. Signing off on a BYOD program can deliver huge benefits, but only if organizations have a secure mobile solution in place to allow staff to productively use their mobile devices for more than checking email.

At Accellion we designed kiteworks Team Starter to help introduce legal professionals, corporate counsel and attorneys to the productivity gains that can be achieved with mobile capabilities to:

  1. Securely create, edit, view, share and print documents right from tablets and smartphones
  2. Easily collaborate with team members, clients and partners on case information
  3. Universally access content no matter where information is stored

Being able to work securely from anywhere translates into improvements in business productivity.

Here’s an example of how:  

Anne is the in-house counsel at OpenSource Software, which makes accounting software. Tax season is approaching which typically means the biggest quarter of the year for the sales team. Tony, one of the sales managers, is just about to close a million dollar deal with a large corporation.

The problem is that the customer is asking for edits to the standard purchase agreement.  The deal is still moving forward but Anne needs to revise the purchase agreement based on input from the customer’s attorney and have all parties sign-off before the quarter closes – in 48 hours.

With kiteworks by Accellion, the deal goes from slow to “go” just in the nick of time:

  • Tony creates a shared folder on kiteworks, granting access to Anne and the customer’s attorney.
  • Anne updates the purchase agreement and uploads it to the folder.
  • The customer’s attorney is alerted that the agreement is ready for review, providing redline comments via kiteworks’ built-in PDF annotator.
  • Anne sees the edits and revises the agreement accordingly.
  • She then assigns a task to the attorney to sign the document.
  • Tony closes the million-dollar deal – with a few hours to spare.

Mobile technology yields real business results by enabling employees to keep business moving forward 24x7.  Learn more about how kiteworks Team Starter helps increase mobile productivity for legal and other teams