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Mobilizing Your Road Warriors

Posted by Accellion Team
Man and woman reviewing kiteworks on a mobile device

When traveling for work – whether to a sales meeting two hours away or a product development meeting across the country – your employees aren’t just thinking about work, they are actually being productive. At least that’s what every organization hopes is happening.  

A survey conducted by HP of European business travelers revealed some interesting findings:

  • 93% of business travelers prepare materials for meetings while en route to the meeting.
  • 54% use at least half of their travel time for managing tasks relating to the purpose of the trip.
  • 88% are able to follow-up on work-related matters and be productive while on the road, estimating that 31% of their time is used for reading emails, 24% for doing research and 22% for content production and editing.

Therefore, it wasn’t a huge surprise to learn that the office is no longer the place where employees feel the most productive. The survey found that 73% of business travelers feel that the time spent on the road provides them with an opportunity to be more productive and take care of tasks that are behind. Plus, 56% said they feel most innovative and get the best ideas outside the office space. 

In order to harness this innovative thinking and overall productivity boost, employees need mobile tools that make that happen. After all, it’s pretty tough to do content production and editing on the road without easy access to the information you need.

Graphic Systems Group, a creative production agency in New York City, was facing this exact predicament. One of its top executives was regularly on the road to meet with clients and had no easy way to get a hold of video files, movie demo reels and other client deliverables. With kiteworks he’s able to access files, make edits or content changes, and send graphic-heavy client deliverables to all stakeholders, from wherever.

Learn how kiteworks helped turn GSG’s road warriors into mobile productivity machines. Download the full story here (link expired)