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Nearly Half of Workers Expected to be All-In on Mobile Devices within a Year

Posted by Paula Skokowski
Office workers viewing data on tablets

For several years, surveys by iPass and others have been reporting that mobile workers are carrying multiple mobile devices—three on average, according to a 2013 survey of mobile workers in the U.S.

Now a new survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute finds that within 12 months nearly half—48%—of workers are expected to be using only personal tablets and smartphones. This means that users are increasingly using mobile devices as their primary computing platform. 

From a security point of view, this isn’t necessarily encouraging since Threatpost recently reported that, “Some 60 percent of those surveyed think that employees are becoming less diligent about practicing good security on mobile devices.”

So what is a CIO, CISO to do?  This new survey should be a wake-up call for the need to implement mobile security solutions. Otherwise, half your workers will be using apps and devices you don’t consider secure.

While mobile security initiatives to date may have focussed on the securing specific mobile devices, attention is now shifting to focus on securing content access and sharing across every form factor of mobile device.  With the impending launch of the Apple iWatch, enterprise security teams are also waking up to the need to enable mobile security across a new generation of wearable devices.

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