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The Power Lunch: Mobile Technology Boosts Sales Performance

Posted by Accellion Team
Tablet on a lunch table showing kiteworks solution

Spending time with customers is one of the key attributes of high performing sales teams and a mobilized salesforce is able to take the power lunch to a whole new level. Equipped with mobile technology today's sales teams take on super powers, transforming every lunch to a sales opportunity.

Consider this fairly typical situation: In one hour, sales account manager Amy will be meeting customer John for lunch. The goal of the lunch meeting is to not only allow Amy and John to bond over seared sea scallops with pesto aioli, but also provide Amy the opportunity to share information on the soon-to-be released new product and get John signed up as an early adopter.  However, Amy is en route to lunch and gets an update that the engineering team has made recent tweaks to the product, which have not yet made it into Amy's product demo or slide deck. Amy needs help to get the most up-to-date information onto her iPad to share with John over lunch.  

Not to worry. Amy and Mona, the product marketing manager, use kiteworks Team Starter so they can share content in real-time on any device  – regardless of where each are located – even if the content is a little hush hush. Mona uploads the new slides, and when Amy fires up her iPad to show off the new product details to John, in between the arugula salad and the sea scallops, the new up-to-date information is available, and by coffee John and Amy are discussing pricing.  Lunch is a success and by the end of the week, John has the new product installed and under evaluation.   

Real-time mobile collaboration and content access when and where you need it are just some of the benefits that kiteworks delivers. Whether you’re a start-up organization with a handful of employees or an established market leader with a global sales force, kiteworks makes it easy for teams to work together, giving sales teams what they need to impress prospects and customers at every step of the sales cycle and boost sales performance.   

Learn more on how kiteworks Team Starter helps sales team close deals faster by visiting our team pages (link expired) or contact us to discuss over lunch.

Bon Appetit!