CISOs: Say “Yes” For Success (and Job Security)

Philadelphia cybersecurity leaders
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If your job is to protect your organization’s reputation, you’re probably pretty risk-averse. But saying “no” to every department’s technology request will get you branded as a barrier to business growth. Eventually, department heads will stop asking and you’ll stop creating value. It’s possible however, to simultaneously protect your organization and enable business growth. Saying “yes” to technology requests shouldn’t be viewed as a concession or compromise. Instead, consider it an opportunity to influence the implementation so your organization, people, and intellectual property stay protected.


I recently moderated a panel in Philadelphia, PA, and asked CISOs about their perspectives on the CISO role and industry trends. In this video, panelists share some sage advice with aspiring CISOs on how to secure the organization as well as their positions within the organization.

CISO Perspectives is a blog series featuring conversations with chief information security officers from different industries. Each blog features a unique perspective on a variety of topics pertinent to the CISO profession and career. Visit our CISO Perspectives page for more blogs and videos.

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