Secure File Sharing for Engineering Helps Auxitec Protect Intellectual Property

Secure File Sharing for Engineering Helps Auxitec Protect Intellectual Property

Secure file sharing for engineering firms is a necessity not only for protecting content but also for enhancing project management. This case study about a leading French engineering company demonstrates the important role secure file sharing can play.

Auxitec Ingénierie and Secure File Sharing for Engineering

Auxitec Ingénierie, a French leader in proximity engineering, provides project leadership and global project management services. Founded in 1964, the company provides high-level expertise in construction, civil engineering, industrial engineering and information systems and prides itself on providing solutions that meet clients’ technical, budgetary, safety and environmental requirements. Its 900 employees operate in 22 countries.

With project management at the core of Auxitec’s business, being able to securely—and efficiently—communicate with clients and partners is a must. The company needed a way that employees could securely send large, complex, and sensitive documents without involving IT. Ultimately, Auxitec required secure file sharing for engineering projects to be rigorously secure, flexible, and easy to use.

“We didn’t want employees to take matters into their own hands and turn to consumer-driven solutions, such as Dropbox,” said Iljo Bundevski, IT Manager with Auxitec. “Our documents contain proprietary information, such as financial budgets and engineering specifications. Therefore, finding a secure file sharing solution was paramount.”

Auxitec’s IT staff reached out to former colleagues to find out how other companies collaborated on large, sensitive documents with external audiences. Accellion was recommended as a proven and trusted leader in secure file sharing for engineering.

Auxitec was impressed with Accellion’s enterprise-grade security, as well as with its ease of use, as it was important for employees to be able to send documents at any time without IT support. Lastly, Auxitec wanted a cloud-based solution and Accellion’s deployment flexibility (100% on-premise, hosted private cloud, or hybrid cloud) was another major differentiator.

Once deployed, Accellion was quickly adopted by employees across the organization and became a core component of employees’ secure file sharing for engineering projects.

“Accellion is at the core of our customer communications,” said Bundevski. “We’ve benefited from end-to-end security and also huge time savings, as employees can send files as needed with confidence.”

To learn more about how secure file sharing for engineering operations is helping Auxitec, download the Auxitec Ingénierie case study. And click here to learn more about secure file sharing for engineering and manufacturing firms.


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