Dave Snyder, CISO, Independence Blue Cross

The Secret to CISO Success? Do This One Thing Extremely Well

For CISOs who desire the proverbial seat at the table, they must do more than protect the business. They must intimately know the business; how it functions, what are its competitive advantages, and, of course, where are the inherent risks. As a CISO, do you know who your internal and external customers are? Do you know their motivations? How do they interact with each other and is the experience positive? How can you make it better? Once you know the answers to these and similar questions, you’re in a better position to add strategic value.

I recently sat down with Dave Snyder, Chief Information Security Leader with Independence Blue Cross, to learn about his current role as well as some of the lessons he’s learned over his career. In this video, Dave provides some valuable advice regarding how CISOs can add value to the organization. The concepts are easy however putting them into practice takes effort and dedication.

CISO Perspectives is a complimentary resource for cybersecurity professionals featuring insightful viewpoints, best practices, and sage career advice from a cross section of CISOs. These videos and blogs are proudly offered by Accellion, the leader in secure email and secure file sharing for mitigating third party cyber risk.

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