There’s No Stress Like CISO Stress. Here’s How Some CISOs Cope.

Dallas Cybersecurity Leaders
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CISO stress is a special kind of stress. It makes sense when you consider all that’s at stake: company revenue, profits, reputation, and customer loyalty. If a company suffers a data breach, everyone looks to the CISO for answers, and shortly afterward, his resignation. This stress will eventually take a toll on a CISOs’ mental and physical health, impacting his job and personal life. Naturally, CISOs deal with job stress in different ways. Whether they hit the gym or hit the pub or something in between, it’s imperative that CISOs have some way to decompress and alleviate the stress that piles up on a daily basis. Otherwise, burnout is inevitable.

I recently moderated a panel in Dallas, TX and asked CISOs about their perspectives on the CISO role, including challenges and opportunities. In this video, panelists share their views on job related stress and provide insight into what helps them cope.

CISO Perspectives is a blog series featuring conversations with chief information security officers from different industries. Each blog features a unique perspective on a variety of topics pertinent to the CISO profession and career. Visit our CISO Perspectives page for more blogs and videos.

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