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What Every Marketing Leader Needs to Know About Mobile

Posted by Accellion Team
Marketing executive looking at the camera

Mobile technology represents not only a revolution in how buyers research and purchase goods and services, but also represents a revolution in how marketing teams are able to create, and deliver, marketing messages and tools. However, for most marketing organizations the benefits of mobile as an enhancer of productivity are mostly untapped. Marketing leaders need to wake up and realize that mobile technology offers the opportunity for dramatic improvements in productivity through faster collaboration and information sharing both internally and externally. 

  • A recent survey by Polycom found that 35% of respondents find it hard to share content with others in a remote meeting, much less find a way to collaborate during it.
  • 86% of marketers lack coordination with other teams within the company and 85% lack coordination within their own team, according to a recent Marketo survey.
  • 28% of marketers believe that marketing investments should focus on collaboration tools, according to a survey by The Economist Intelligence Unit.

So what are the four key mobile technology capabilities that every marketing leader needs to put in place for the mobile marketing magic to happen?

  1. Secure mobile collaboration tools that work across any smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop so that work can keep moving forward wherever the marketing team members find themselves.
  2. Easy, secure sharing of marketing content with internal and external parties from any device, since marketing often involves both internal team members and many outside vendors.
  3. Secure access to marketing materials from any device that allows everyone on the marketing team to stay in sync with the latest versions and keep projects moving forward inside and outside the office.
  4. Mobile protection of confidential marketing materials to ensure that the latest product release or SuperBowl video doesn't appear on YouTube prior to launch.

Just ask Chris – a marketing director at a major retailer. Last November, he turned a potential marketing disaster into a marketing victory because he had access to these mobile productivity capabilities. Just prior to launching a huge promotional campaign for Black Friday, one of the key suppliers faced serious production issues, meaning that a highly anticipated product would no longer be available to sell. Chris had to re-do the advertisements and related collateral to remove the highlighted product and substitute another – and fast!

Because Chris had the four key capabilities for mobile magic immediately available, he averted an impending disaster and turned it into a marketing success. Even though Chris was outside of the office he was alerted on his iPhone of the product delivery problems. Using kiteworks by Accellion, Chris was able to easily collaborate and share content with his internal team and the external Webmaster and designer. Updates of redesigned ads and web pages were reviewed and approved as quickly as they were produced, with edit and review cycles conducted while on-the-go. The end result was record-breaking Black Friday sales and a marketer who proved the value of having the four key critical mobile capabilities available and at hand.  

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