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Work - It's What's for Breakfast in the Mobile World

Posted by Accellion Team
Mobile device showing kiteworks solution on a breakfast table

How many of us now check email at breakfast or after dinner or while waiting for our lunch sandwich to arrive?  Don't worry it's normal in fact it's becoming the new norm. The adoption of mobile devices in the workplace is transforming the way people work as they become untethered from offices and regular work schedules.  

The development of the new mobile workforce is as much a social transformation as a technology transformation. Employees are adopting new work patterns as they experiment with how mobile devices can make them more productive, more efficient and better at their jobs.

At Accellion we've been working on ways to help organizations get mobile teams up and running and collaborating faster, providing ways for people to securely connect and share content with internal and external teams and get business done.

What we came up with was kiteworks Team Starter. Pre-configured for quick deployment, it gets mobile teams up and running fast for secure mobile collaboration and file sharing across organizational boundaries, and delivers immediate increases in team productivity, whether it’s a sales, marketing or legal team within a larger organization.

With kiteworks Team Starter, team leaders, department heads or managers can have their team moving business forward with secure mobile file sharing, collaboration and editing in just minutes. It was designed with a mobile-first perspective, so that the user experience is seamless across all devices, from smartphone to tablet to laptop to desktop. It includes innovative, industry-first features such as the kiteworks Move Tray, which streamlines the way people share files via mobile devices, as well as an Activity Stream that lets users see at-a-glance which files have been shared, edited or downloaded.

In addition to the content capabilities, the kiteworks Team Starter solution provides a simple administrative dashboard that lets team leaders add users as needed. Team Starter comes pre-configured with Accellion’s enterprise-grade security controls, so that data remains secure and private and IT is happy.

So what are you waiting for? Check out kiteworks Team Starter, and get your team up and collaborating before breakfast today!