Executive Team   |   Leadership Team

Jonathan Yaron, Chairman and CEO

Jonathan Yaron

Chairman and CEO

Kurt Michael, Chief Revenue Officer

Kurt Michael

Chief Revenue Officer

Yaron Galant, Chief Product Officer

Yaron Galant

Chief Product Officer

Joel York, Chief Marketing Officer

Joel York

Chief Marketing Officer

Cliff White, Chief Technology Officer

Cliff White

Chief Technology Officer

Frank Balonis, Chief Information Security Officer

Frank Balonis

Chief Information Security Officer

Stu Parker, Vice President, Sales – West

Stu Parker

Vice President, Sales – West

Brian Ball, Vice President, Sales – East

Brian Ball

Vice President, Sales – East

Craig Pfister, Vice President, Sales Engineering

Craig Pfister

Vice President, Sales Engineering

Ryan Gallagher, Vice President, Sales Operations

Ryan Gallagher

Vice President, Sales Operations

Haiko Wolberink, Vice President Sales – EMEA

Haiko Wolberink

Vice President Sales – EMEA

Kieran O’Shaughnessy, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, Japan

Kieran O’Shaughnessy

Vice President and Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Japan

Laureen Smith, Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances

Laureen Smith

Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances

Vijay Rao, Vice President, Systems Engineering

Vijay Rao

Vice President, Systems Engineering

Rajeev Gupta, Vice President, Technology

Rajeev Gupta

Vice President, Technology

Andy Tikofsky, Vice President, Data Science & Analytics

Andy Tikofsky

Vice President, Data Science & Analytics Officer

Michael Lee, Senior Vice President, Finance

Michael Lee

Senior Vice President, Finance

Rebecca Soler, Vice President, Human Resources

Rebecca Soler

Vice President, Human Resources

Wendy McCallum, General Counsel

Wendy McCallum

General Counsel

Jeremy Fong, Vice President, Product Management

Jeremy Fong

Vice President, Product Management

Shachar Binyamin, Vice President, Product Management

Shachar Binyamin

Vice President, Product Management

Gideon Pely, Strategic Advisor

Gideon Pely

Strategic Advisor

Marissa Kandarian, Director, Worldwide Orders & Renewals

Marissa Kandarian

Director, Worldwide Orders & Renewals