kiteworks Enterprise REST API provides developers access to all of the file sharing, collaboration, and sync capabilities of the kiteworks solution. It also provides secure, unified connectivity to documents stored in any content systems – on-premise systems such as SharePoint and Documentum, as well as cloud systems such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

Use Cases

This powerful API enables developers to build custom apps tailored to specific industry and business use cases, as well as integrate with existing IT infrastructure. For example:

  • For the auto insurance industry, an insurance broker can manage a repository for the documents related to each claim. Meanwhile, the claimants, adjusters, vendors and lawyers can use custom mobile apps to check off tasks as they add and view their photos, documents and forms related to the claim.
  • A catalog of sales items and marketing collateral can be distributed to a worldwide sales force using tablets. Automated folder creation and permissions can ensure the right items and collateral are available to the right people’s tablets at the right time.
  • A bank can create a deal room for each major deal, and provide secure access to outside parties such as attorneys, agents and inspectors to upload and review documents using their tablets instead of a fax machine.

Get Started

  1. Click here to get a demo of kiteworks APIs
  2. Click here to find sample code and quickstart steps in the API Overview Guide

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