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Launch of kiteworks by Accellion Enables People to Work Securely Wherever

New Mobile-First Design and Three-Tier Private Cloud Architecture Supports Rapid User Adoption and Enterprise Scalability and Security 

Accellion, Inc., the pioneer in providing secure enterprise solutions that improve mobile productivity, today announced the launch of its new product, kiteworks by Accellion, a mobile-first solution with a sophisticated new user-experience and three-tier architecture designed to enable people to work securely wherever. Its new mobile design offers integrated productivity tools and universal access to enterprise content stores, making it possible for organizations to realize the productivity gains from a mobile workforce without introducing data security risks.

“Our new mobile-first design and three-tier architecture create a secure solution that is easy to use, and has the extreme scalability that enterprises and government agencies around the world need to securely enable an increasingly mobile workforce,” said Yorgen Edholm, CEO, Accellion.  “Secure business solutions will only be used if they help not hinder employees getting their work done, and kiteworks is the embodiment of that principle.”

Accellion is a market leader in offering secure file sharing, syncing and productivity solutions and with the introduction of kiteworks the company upgrades its offerings in three main ways:

  • Mobile-First UX: Rather than taking a PC-based design and pasting it onto a mobile app, kiteworks was designed for mobile first, so that the user’s experience is seamless across all devices from smartphone to tablet to laptop to desktop. Even the admin functionality is available on the smallest mobile devices.  The new UX is icon-based with the mobile user in mind, and includes innovative, industry-first features such as the kiteworks Move Tray, which streamlines the way people share files via mobile devices. The Move Tray enables users to easily and securely share files from different content stores with internal and external users. Other productivity enhancing features include an integrated set of productivity tools for creating, editing and annotating Microsoft Office documents on mobile devices and features for file-centric collaboration, and the assignment and management of file-based tasks.
  • Secure Connectivity to ECM Systems: With kiteworks mobile users have universal access to enterprise content stores including secure, native integration with two new ECMs – Documentum and SharePoint Online – in addition to file shares previously supported, including Microsoft SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013 as well as Windows File Shares. This means that kiteworks users can access, edit and share files from different enterprise content sources, with internal and external users, through one seamless universal interface that honors all ECM access permissions.
  • Three-Tier Architecture: With kiteworks Accellion introduces the industry’s first three-tier architecture for private cloud file sharing and collaboration with separate web, application and data layers for defense in depth, extreme scalability and flexibility. The separate layers offer new deployment options for enhanced security, such as putting the web layer in the DMZ for external users, while keeping the application and data layers behind the firewall to reduce the risk of data breaches. Organizations concerned with data sovereignty, can specify where data is stored based on user geography, access rights, or type of content.

"Our organization relies on Accellion for file collaboration and the ability to sync content, so we can work from wherever, whenever we want, from the device of our choice," said Justin Daniels, Web Services/Software Engineering IT Support Manager at MiTek. "We're excited about kiteworks because it significantly improves the way we organize all of the content that our Purpose Partners are working on, its security architecture is even more robust than before, and it will support users on any device."

To learn more about how the kiteworks solution enables mobile productivity please visit our site.

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Accellion, Inc. enables enterprise organizations to securely connect all their content to the people and systems that are part of their critical business processes, regardless of the applications that create that content or where it is stored, while maintaining the controls and visibility needed to demonstrate compliance. Accellion’s solutions have been used by more than 25 million end users and have been installed at more than 3,000 of the world’s leading corporations and government agencies including NYC Health + Hospitals; KPMG; Kaiser Permanente; Latham & Watkins; National Park Service; Umpqua Bank; Cargill; and the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). For more information please visit or call (650) 485-4300. Follow Accellion on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Accellion’s Blog.

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