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Secure File Sharing 

To enhance productivity and increase collaboration within and across teams, enterprises and government agencies require FTP alternatives that enable secure file sharing and secure file transfer.

kiteworks increases business productivity by providing enterprise users with powerful and secure file sharing and by delivering FTP alternatives for project teams, virtual data rooms, and deal rooms.

With kiteworks, users can quickly share files securely with internal and external recipients, from wherever, without requiring a VPN. Users can take advantage of a real-time activity stream to quickly monitor and track file and folder activities for increased productivity, and to enable real-time collaboration both inside and outside the office. Users can also view all their sent and received files in the Inbox, Sent Items, and Drafts folders.

Using kiteworks, users can also collaborate and manage document workflows from any device, by creating and adding users to folders, assigning tasks, adding comments, and maintaining version control. kiteworks provides FTP alternatives to users with secure filesharing and file transfer capabilities across devices with secure links. Additionally, kiteworks can sync files via secure private clouds, ensuring users have secure access to the most up-to-date content across all devices, online or offline.

Key Features

  • Secure file sharing and secure file transfer with internal and external recipients
  • Secure FTP alternative
  • Organize, view, upload, download, comment, lock/unlock, assign tasks, synchronize, and share files in secure folders
  • Move and copy files via the innovative Move Tray
  • Role-based access to secure online folders - Manager, Collaborator, Viewer, Downloader, and Uploader
  • Full content search to efficiently find relevant data
  • Add watermarks to prevent the unauthorized capture and sharing of confidential information
  • Secure file sync across mobile device/desktop/laptop
  • Secure mobile access to enterprise files via native mobile apps for iOS, Windows and Android
  • Custom branding of user interface
  • Share large files via secure links and file transfer plugins for Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint
  • Request uploaders to upload files into a specific folder, without granting access to the other content in the folder
  • Set file expiration policies to ensure sensitive documents are only accessible for a limited time