Learn how Accellion can help you ensure remote work security. We’ll show you how to rapidly secure a 100% remote workforce where employees must share IP, PII, PHI and other sensitive data over untrusted networks, devices and applications.

See how the Accellion enterprise content firewall protects sensitive communications over email, file sharing, SFTP, mobile, and others – consolidated into one encrypted pipe that provides total visibility, governance and security for complete compliance and control.


Remote Work Security

  1. Risks of sensitive content communications
  2. Brief overview of Accellion’s content firewall technology
  3. How to protect content and productivity when employees work in uncontrolled environments
  4. Requirement 1: Protect sensitive content on hostile networks
  5. Requirement 2: Access remote content securely, without the risks of a VPN
  6. Requirement 3: Make all content activity visible via analytics
  7. Deploy as a private cloud in any infrastructure environment in hours
  8. Live demonstration of remote work security with the Accellion content firewall
  9. Q&A


  • Craig Pfister | VP, Worldwide Sales Engineering
  • Jerome Bei | Head of EMEA Sales Engineering


  • Presentation: 18 minutes
  • Live Demo: 10 minutes
  • Live Q&A: 13 minutes

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