Claude Schanet, CISO, GovSat Luxembourg

For CISOs, a Zero Trust Security Model Won’t Work Until You Do This First

When it comes to safeguarding organizations and the valuable digital assets they produce, hold, and share, a Zero Trust security model is considered par-excellence. But zero trust comes at a cost. If CISOs and their management teams strive for a genuine zero trust security model for their organizations, they need complete visibility of their asset inventory. They must know what assets they have, who has access to them, who’s responsible for them and what information they contain. It’s a lot like managing an empire. If you don’t know what resources you have, where they’re located, you’re extremely vulnerable to an insurrection or invasion. Your organization is the same. Often times, it’s a single compromised asset like a server or device that, if undetected, leads to a massive cyberattack or data breach. While a zero trust model isn’t bulletproof, it does make it much harder for hackers to infiltrate your empire and steal your crown jewels.

I recently sat down with Claude Schanet, CISO with GovSat Luxembourg, to learn about the challenges he faces in his role. In this video, Claude discusses his views on Zero Trust, its place in cybersecurity and how it fits into his organization.

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