Larry Whiteside, Veteran CISO and Cybersecurity Thought Leader

For Healthcare CISOs, There’s No Risk Quite Like This Risk

On one hand, smart devices are a blessing to healthcare, producing valuable data that fuels healthy lifestyles and improves patient care. On the other hand, these devices are a nightmare, overwhelming healthcare providers’ ability to protect the data and the source of the data – patients. Steps taken, heart rate, blood pressure, glucose levels, and lots of other data are becoming increasingly easy to collect but also increasingly difficult to manage and defend. It would be easier if healthcare providers owned and managed these devices but they don’t. Instead, hospitals and clinics receive this data from countless third party device manufacturers and app developers with no knowledge of (or confidence in) their security capabilities. It’s no surprise when these devices are compromised and hackers gain a direct line into a hospital’s network and a treasure trove of PHI.

Earlier this year, I sat down with Larry Whiteside, a veteran CISO and cybertechnology thought leader, to explore the many challenges CISOs face in their jobs and their careers. In this video, Larry shares how smart devices pose a significant risk to healthcare providers, who are ill equipped to manage this risk.

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