Need Help With Sales? Put Your CISO in Front of Customers

Philadelphia cybersecurity leaders
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If you buy a pair of shoes online, you assume the company will not only ship the exact model and size you ordered in a timely manner, but also protect your credit card number and other PII on file. This is an assumption however and you know what happens when you assume. What if instead you were to get a call from the shoe company’s CISO with assurances your PII was protected by state-of-the-art technology, highly skilled personnel, and an extensive list of policies and procedures for handling and storing customer data? You would most certainly feel more secure. If a CISO can articulate to senior management what the organization is doing to remove risk, why not have the CISO communicate a similar message to customers? After all, trust is a central tenet between buyers and sellers. If a buyer trusts a seller, he is more inclined to do business with that seller. As a result, a CISO should be a natural choice for helping sales organizations generate revenue.

I recently moderated a panel in Philadelphia and asked CISOs about their perspectives on the CISO role and industry trends. In this video, Laura Whitt-Winyard, CISO for DLL, shares how she’s adding value to her organization beyond data protection and risk mitigation.

CISO Perspectives is a blog series featuring conversations with chief information security officers from different industries. Each blog features a unique perspective on a variety of topics pertinent to the CISO profession and career. Visit our CISO Perspectives page for more blogs and videos.

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