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Private Cloud File Sharing in Demand

Posted by Hormazd Romer
Stones on a see-saw

Despite claims by public cloud file sharing solutions that everyone wants to migrate to public cloud storage, new research by the Enterprise Strategy Group shows organizations are overwhelmingly interested in on-premise private cloud file sharing and hybrid cloud file sharing solutions.

ESG conducted an in-depth survey of small businesses and medium and large enterprises to understand their usage of online file sharing and collaboration (OFS) solutions for sharing and managing business data.

ESG found that currently 84% of organizations know that end users utilize public cloud deployments for OFS due to their ease of use, including Dropbox, Box and others. However, when ESG asked organizations if they would be interested in an on-premise or hybrid cloud OFS deployment, only 1% were not interested.  Of the remaining 99%, a stunning 69% answered that they would be “extremely interested.” Another 28% responded that they were somewhat interested, and 3% didn’t know.

These results reflect the increased concern by enterprise IT organizations about the control they lose with public cloud deployments, because the third party vendor then has ownership of any stored data. This puts data at risk, as files can be accessed by unauthorized parties, including employees of the service provider, or other companies sharing the same multi-tenant server.

ESG found that most current public-cloud users want more flexibility and control over where their files are stored. While enterprises have been adopting some public-cloud services, they have also continued investing in their own infrastructure, and 41% would like to be able to use their internal on-premise infrastructure for OFS deployments. Nearly that same number believe that they can do a better job securing and protecting their data better than third-party service providers can. Enterprises who must comply with government or industry regulations also recognize that their data is safer and more compliant on premises.

ESG concludes that the days of “one-size-fits-all” for managing and security business data are over. Enterprise IT organizations have choices, and those choices include private cloud file sharing and hybrid cloud file sharing for increased security, availability, and control.

For more information about the survey, download the report here (link expired).