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Think Your Data Is Hard to Protect? These Assets Are Even Harder.

In terms of sensitive information like PII, PHI, and IP, I’ve frequently said you can’t defend what you can’t see. It’s quite common for organizations to have customer data, financial information, and intellectual property stored across endpoints, apps, and systems (both on-premises and in the cloud), as well as multiple geographies. Knowing where these digital assets are located, who has access to them and what they’re doing with them is imperative – not just for security purposes but also compliance with data privacy laws like GDPR. By comparison, you’d think assets like hardware, software, devices, and even people would be much easier to find, track, and protect. As a CISO, you know this is seldom the case. If your organization is considering a Zero Trust model, you’ll have to get a strong handle on where all your assets sit. You have to know what you have before you can protect it.

I recently moderated a panel in Philadelphia and asked CISOs about their perspectives on the CISO role and industry trends. In this video, panelists share their views on the challenges of protecting assets in a Zero Trust climate.

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