Media Kit

Accellion is a registered trademarks of Accellion, Inc. in the US and other countries. The Accellion logo is available for use in horizontal format. Preference is always to use the logo containing both the Accellion wordmark and symbol.

Accellion Logo SMALL

Accellion Logo LARGE

Accellion Logo Grayscale SMALL

Accellion Logo Grayscale LARGE

Accellion Symbol SMALL

Accellion Symbol LARGE

Accellion Symbol Grayscale SMALL

Accellion Symbol Grayscale LARGE


Applying Accellion logos

Accellion logos are specifically created pieces of artwork and trademarks of Accellion. Use only the approved Accellion artwork provided by Accellion in electronic files, and be sure to use the most current Accellion logos.

Do not alter the Accellion brand or Accellion corporate logo as provided by Accellion in anyway (e.g. changes in color or design). You may not use portions of the logo or use additional words, taglines, or graphic elements with Accellion corporate logos.

For any additional questions, please contact [email protected].

Disclaimer: These graphics were prepared specifically for the use intended. If they are altered, substantially resized or output to a different medium, we cannot guarantee their appearance. If you have any concerns, please contact your printer or a qualified graphic artist.